For my latest working papers, please visit my SSRN page.  There is a paper on how collateralized debt can cause bubbles, and another on explaining fire sales of financial assets.

Below you'll find download links for my publications, some current working papers, and also (at the bottom of the page) some papers that remain unpublished, but people ask me for from time to time.



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Current Research

1. "Leaders and followers," with Clara Raposo.

2. "Organisational Change," with Enrico Perotti

3. "Commitment to overinvest," with Itay Goldstein and Alexander Guembel.


Unpublished Working Papers

1. "Financing Securities Trading", with Nathalie Rossiensky, November 2001. Previously entitled "The Cost of Debt for a Financial Firm," (1999).

2. "Learning Under Knightian Uncertainty: The Laws of Large Numbers for Non-additive Probabilities", with Sérgio Ribeiro da Costa Werlang, 1994.

3. "Knightian-Rational Expectations, Inflationary Inertia and Money Neutrality", with Mario Henrique Simonsen and Sérgio Ribeiro da Costa Werlang, 1993.

4. "Preferences, Common Knowledge and Speculative Trade", with Vicente Madrigal and Sérgio Ribeiro da Costa Werlang, London Business School, 1990. (Previously entitled "No Trade Theorems and Non-Bayesian Behavior")

5. "Almost Competitive Price Dispersion", CARESS - University of Pennsylvania, 1987.

6. "A Note on Almost Competitive Price Dispersion", 1987.

7. "Arbitrator and Negotiator Behavior under an Appellate System", with Orley A Ashenfelter and Daniel G Gallagher, 1986.